The industrial sector currently faces a strong pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to the growing concern on global warning. Taking into consideration that fossil fuels prices will keep on increasing, this pressure is expected to further increase demonstrating the adoption of energy efficiency measures and technologies as the ultimate solution.

At the same time, large amounts of industrial excess heat, available at low and medium temperature ranges are dissipating into the environment. Food, beverage, pulp, chemicals industry and biogas plants are representative examples of business activities of concern since their thermal processes are mostly fed with low-to-medium temperature heat.

Instead of being wasted, the energy content of this heat could be either upgraded and reused in the process or convert into electricity, resulting to less fuel consumption and the consequent mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions generation.

ThermoDraft’s HTHPs for heat upgrading and ORC engines for heat conversion into electricity, constitute ideal energy efficiency solutions for the above-mentioned industrial business. They can be easily connected into the waste heat streams which are the prime movers for the upgrade/conversion processes.

The ORC solution for the industry

With ORC engines excess industrial heat that cannot be reused in the processes can be effectively converted to electricity. ThermoDraft’s portfolio of ORC engines cover heat capacities and temperature ranges.

The HTHP solution for the industry

A wide range of food, beverage, pulp and chemical processes takes place in temperatures up to 120-130 °C. ThermoDraft’s HTHPs can provide heat at these temperature ranges, by recovering and upgrading the rejected industrial heat, usually available from 40 to 90 °C. Designs including multi-stage HTHP for cases where also cooling or intermediate temperature heat provision is needed, are also available.

Reference for ORC

Nominal electric capacity 20 kWe
Design Temperature 90°C
Expander Twin-screw rotary semi-hermetic expander
Evaporator Shell and tube heat exchanger
Condenser Finned tube heat exchanger (air-cooled)
Refrigerant R1234ze(E)
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